Jake Paul teases next boxing opponent, reveals motivation behind crazy pranks in Shane Dawson docuseries

by Virginia Glaze


The latest episode of Shane Dawson’s docuseries got a taste of YouTuber Jake Paul’s wild lifestyle - and a possible glimpse at his early life that could explain the crazy pranks in his videos.


Shane took a tour of the Team 10 house with therapist Kati Morton, who went undercover as Dawson’s producer.

Dawson and Paul sat down for a brief interview in the mansion’s underground studio, where Paul gave viewers a look into his childhood in Ohio.


He admitted that the environment of his family and hometown was incredibly competitive, and cited that trait as having influenced his well-documented -and controversial- hijinks.

“Growing up, I was always super competitive and played sports,” he stated. “How it is where I’m from, it’s like, ‘I’m the best running back, I’m the best linebacker… I’m gonna prove it to everybody.’ That’s the vibe of where I’m from, and I think that carried over a little bit into YouTube and becoming successful.”



He likewise stated that he is trying to ‘find a balance’ in his life, and understood that his wild stunts can have major consequences.

In addition, Jake teased his next opponent in the upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul rematch. While he didn’t name any individual in particular, he did mention with confidence that an NFL player was interested in throwing down in the ring.

Dawson’s next episode will cover the Paul brothers’ relationship with YouTuber Alissa Violet, who reportedly drove a deep rift between the two when Logan allegedly slept with her following her public split with Jake.