Jake Paul teases fights with Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, and Canelo Álvarez

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz and Conor McGregorInstagram/natediaz209/UFC

Influencer turned boxer Jake Paul is already teasing his next fights ahead of his long-awaited rematch against Tyron Woodley, and there could be some slobberknockers to come against Nate Diaz, Connor McGregor and even Canelo Álvarez.

Jake Paul is no stranger to calling out everyone under the sun, taking aim at former UFC champions, boxers, and even pro golfer Tiger Woods. But, as his boxing career continues to thrive, the chances of these big events are looking more and more likely.

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It’s now reached a point where he’s no longer as interested in fighting other influencers, and is looking only to battle those familiar with combat sports.

During the official workout stream to hype up his rematch against Tyron, Jake was asked about the possibility of a fight against Nate Diaz and how many pay-per-view buys it would earn.

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley Weigh In Showtime PPV Amanda WestcottAmanda Westcott, Showtime PPV
Jake Paul is gearing up for some big fights in the future.

Jake Paul teases future boxing events

According to Jake, a fight against the UFC star would generate 1.5 million buys. He also noted that there was a “reason for everything” in regards to Nate Diaz being in attendance at the workout, seeming to hint at a potential fight with him.

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There have been rumblings of a Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz bout for some time now, with the possibility of their brothers, Logan and Nick, even partaking to make it a family affair.

However, with Logan Paul rumored to take on Mike Tyson in February, there’s no indication on if the brother versus brother battle will be anytime soon.

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Additionally, Paul touched on his goal to make $250 million in boxing, claiming that in order to get there, he’d like to take on Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor and possibly Canelo.

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“I mean that. One-hundered percent I’m going to fight Canelo,” Paul said before comparing himself to Turkish boxer Avni Yıldırım, who lost to Canelo.

Jake Paul fight Conor McGregor posterInstagram/Jake Paul
Could Jake Paul really fight Conor McGregor in the future?

Whether or not we actually do see Paul take on the likes of UFC legend Conor McGregor remains to be seen, but given how he’s taken the boxing world by storm in recent months, the sky seems to be the limit.

We’ll have to see how his rematch with Tyron goes on December 18 and if The Problem Child can improve on his narrow split-decision victory from the last time the two threw down in the ring.

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