Jake Paul talks about fight with Deji, FaZe Banks assault allegations in Shane Dawson docuseries

by Bill Cooney


The latest episode of Shane Dawson’s docuseries had YouTuber Jake Paul talk about his recent fight with YouTuber Deji, assault allegations against him, and featured an interview with Paul’s girlfriend Erika Costell.


Paul told Dawson that the beef between him and Deji was “100% real”, but admitted that some of the prefight and weigh-in drama was “a little showboaty.”

“But the drama was very real, Deji was saying stuff about Erika and my parents and like, he was just taking it like really deep,” Paul told Dawson. “It was very real, like I wanted to kill him.”


Paul also talked about the allegations FaZe Banks made that Paul assaulted ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, after Paul accused Banks of assaulting his assistant.

“It’s just a messy situation,” Paul told Dawson in the video before he addressed Bank’s accusations. “That was their rebuttal, they were like ‘oh Jake said this about Faze, we’re going to say Jake threw Alissa down the stairs.’”

“They just pulled it out of thin air,” Paul told Dawson about the accusations, before revealing he lost more than 300,000 subscribers due to the incident.



The next episode of the docuseries will see Paul, Dawson, and Costell talk about how Paul needs to “be his own person” and step out of the shadow of his brother, Logan Paul, and others.

It will also feature an interview with Alissa Violet, detailing her side of the assault allegation story concerning Paul and Banks.