Jake Paul slammed by Conor McGregor’s UFC coach as rivalry intensifies

Published: 13/Jan/2021 21:53

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul was put on blast by UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s coach, marking the latest development in the growing rivalry between the two.

Jake Paul has been on a tear lately, looking to challenge many big names in the boxing and mixed martial arts world – including Conor McGregor and Ben Askren.

After mocking McGregor’s sparring partner, Dylan Moran, the Irishman’s coach came to his defense with a zinger directed towards the younger Paul brother.

“With all the seriousness of what’s going on in the world right now, the thoughts of that TikTok guy Jake Logan having a real boxing match with a genuine pro of Dylan Moran standard gives me a giggle,” John Kavanagh hit back.

The tweet was amusing, as the coach seemed to purposefully confuse Jake and Logan Paul, as well as their primary platform, further indicating that the two were completely out of their league.

“His corner better have the towel ready after a round,” he added, suggesting that Moran would beat the YouTube star with ease.

On January 11, Jake first took aim at McGregor’s sparring partner, Dylan Moran, ahead of the Irishman’s bout against Dustin Poirier 257.

“That’s the guy making Conor bleed and giving him close rounds,” Paul said, sharing a video of the two sparring. “There’s a fifty million dollar offer on the table. I think at this point, Conor’s just scared to lose because he knows I’m a better boxer.”

Dylan Moran is an impressive boxer in his own right, with a 15-1 record. Beating him may be Jake Paul’s best way to finally get the attention of Conor McGregor and secure the dream match he so desperately craves.

Until then, both Paul brothers have their own upcoming matches to attend to, with Logan fighting boxing legend Floyd Mayweather on February 20, while Jake has his eyes set on Ben Askren.

With so many matches scheduled, the results of each could determine future fights – especially if McGregor wants to win another UFC title in 2021.


Twitch star Sykkuno officially reveals he’s moving to Las Vegas after dropping hints

Published: 15/Jan/2021 21:50

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch superstar ‘Sykkuno’ has seen an explosive rise to internet stardom in the past few months, and after dropping a few hints that he’s making major life changes, has officially revealed he’s moving house.

Sykkuno’s is a unique and surprising case in online fame; while he’s been making content since 2011, the influencer saw a huge rise in YouTube subscribers during the last few months of 2020, skyrocketing him from 400k subscribers to over 2 million.

This impressive growth has been applauded by fans and fellow streamers alike — and it makes sense, as the creator managed to score a jaw-dropping 1.6 subscribers in just four months’ time.

It seems that his newfound success is also kicking off a major life change for the streamer, as hinted at during a broadcast in early January.

Data from videoamigo shows Sykkuno's rise to fame
Data from VideoAmigo shows that Sykkuno’s subscriber count on YouTube started rapidly growing from August.

The star teased that he would be moving out of California, where he previously lived with major streaming group OfflineTV before exiting the collective to pursue his own personal projects in November 2020 — right when his subscriber count began to climb.

“I will say this, though, guys — I’m actually moving soon,” he said during a January 8 broadcast. “I don’t know if I should say where. But you guys will know, and it’ll happen within a month, probably. I will say this, guys… there’s a decent chance I won’t be in California anymore.”

It seems that Sykkuno’s hint was a bit more on-the-nose than fans expected, although he isn’t moving too far away; on January 15, the streamer revealed that he is moving to Las Vegas, home to several other major content creators.

However, it looks like Sykkuno’s streams will be on the back burner until he’s all settled in — but it doesn’t seem that his fanbase is too worried about that particular drawback.

“Moving to Las Vegas!” he tweeted. “I’ll be back on streams soon!”

Sykkuno’s post has been met with hilarious reactions from a slew of other top streamers, with the likes of Mizkif replying with a video of himself merely saying, “Bye.”

This move to Vegas marks another in a major series of life changes for one of the net’s biggest stars as he continues on his high rise to fame.