Jake Paul shows off MMA training as he prepares for PFL debut

Jake Paul shows off MMA skills ahead of PFL debutTwitter: jakepaul

YouTube star Jake Paul is showing off his grappling skills after signing on to the Professional Fighters League earlier this month.

Jake Paul has become one of the biggest names in the influencer-boxing game, taking a slew of fights against high-profile combat sports pros and former pro athletes like Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren, and even Anderson Silva.

However, he’s always had an itch to get into the octagon, and even feuded with UFC president Dana White about becoming a part of the MMA organization for years (and White still refuses to budge).

Come 2023, Jake’s wish was finally granted, with the influencer signing onto the Professional Fighters League in early January — something that came as a huge shock to fans and critics alike.

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Now, it looks like Paul is showing off his chops ahead of his eventual debut, posting a video of a training session to Twitter on January 20.

Jake Paul shows off MMA training after PFL deal

In the video, Jake denies his opponent a single-leg takedown, garnering praise from an instructor standing out of frame.

“Building the foundation… just like I did in boxing,” Paul captioned the clip. “I have the utmost respect for the sport and will make my debut with the tools to win.”

Talk Sport editor Michael Benson also uploaded a short clip of Paul’s MMA experience to Twitter, sharing a video of the YouTuber training in jiu-jitsu with an opponent on the mats.

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For now, it’s still unclear who Jake’s first mixed martial arts opponent will be — but PFL’s manager has promised that he’ll be taking on a “top” fighter when he makes his eventual debut, the date of which is also still unknown.

“I can’t tell you when his debut will be in MMA with the PFL, but what I can tell you is that it’s possible that it could be in 2023,” PFL CEO Peter Murray said.

For now, it looks like ‘The Problem Child’ is making a huge switch in his combat sports career with hopes of taking on some of the discipline’s greatest heroes… some of whom aren’t interested in taking on the influencer, whatsoever.

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