Jake Paul says he’ll retire from boxing “immediately” if Dana White pays UFC fighters more

YouTuber Jake Paul next to UFC President Dana WhiteYouTube: IMPAULSIVE / ESPN MMA

Jake Paul has announced that he will retire from boxing if Dana White accepts his challenge to increase fighter’s pay in the UFC. The YouTuber also agreed to take on Jorge Masvidal in an MMA bout as his final fight.

Dana White made waves while visiting the Teddy Atlas Podcast in December 2021 after he proposed a challenge to Jake Paul to a random drug test for the next two years. Paul stunned fighting fans when he responded back with a surprising challenge of his own.

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In a deal posted on Twitter, the problem child said he would end his boxing career immediately if the UFC President agreed to increase fighter pay among a list of other benefits to his employees. In the agreement, the 24-year-old would also step in the Octagon for a one-off fight with Masvidal.

Jake Paul to retire from boxing if Dana White accepts deal

The rivalry between the YouTuber turned boxer and the UFC President escalated on January 1, 2022 when Jake Paul laid out a proposed contract deal for Dana White on social media. In the deal, the former Disney star stated he would retire from boxing as soon as possible.

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Happy new year Dana White. Here is a real challenge for you… I will immediately retire from boxing and fight Jorge Masvidal in the UFC if you agree to 1). Increase minimum fighter pay per fight to $50k  (it’s $12k now). 2). Guarantee UFC fighters 50%  of UFC annual revenues (which is 1 billion in 2021),” the undefeated boxer wrote.

Paul also called on the MMA President to provide “long term” healthcare to fighters and gave the executive a deadline to sign the deal. “You have 5 days to accept and implement the above by March 31, 2022. Once implemented I will immediately retire from boxing, enter USADA and agree to a 1 fight with weak chin Jorge Masvidal.”

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Interestingly, Jake Paul ended the challenge by calling on UFC fighters to stand up for better pay. “To all UFC fighters – time to take a stand and create value for yourselves. You deserve higher pay and deserve long term healthcare and above all you deserve freedom. I am not your enemy, I am your advocate,” he said.

At the time of writing, Dana White has yet to respond to the surprising offer. If nothing else, the 24-year-old continues to surprise the fighting world. The deal follows Paul’s shocking KO victory over UFC Champion Tyron Woodley in their rematch fight in December.

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