Jake Paul roasts Dana White after Paddy Pimblett’s questionable UFC 282 victory

jake paul calls out dana whiteInstagram/Jakepaul/theufcbaddy

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is once again calling out Dana White over how he manages the UFC following Paddy Pimblett’s controversial win at UFC 282.

UFC 282 is going down in history, but for plenty of wrong reasons. The co-main event was a debated contest between Paddy Pimblett and Jared Gordon that the Brit ended up winning by decision.

The result was extremely controversial with many believing that Gordon earned the victory. During the post-PPV press conference, Dana White slammed Gordon’s game plan in the third round, saying he “went in and pushed him against the fence.”

Regardless, Jake Paul is siding with Gordon, who felt robbed by the result, and accused Dana White of playing “favorites.”

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Jake Paul slams Dana White after UFC 282 debacle

Taking to Twitter, The Problem Child took aim at Dana White for having fighters be at the mercy of the UFC for big decisions.

“Being a UFC fighter, with zero rights and no control, is amazing if you are one of Dana White’s favorites,” he blasted. “You can even do a food review for free to drive up his views. What a league. Y’all deserve better.”

Following this, Paul retweeted Gordon’s statement about how he felt he truly won the match against Paddy ‘The Baddie.’

“I was robbed everyone knows it… I can cry about it but I’ve been back from worst and God’s plan is the best plan so I know there’s something big to come from it,” the tweet read.

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The call out comes as Jake Paul and Paddy Pimblett are set to finally meet face-to-face for a podcast appearance in January. Whether or not this leads into a rumored fight between the two, however, remains unknown.