Jake Paul reveals “repeated head traumas” from boxing after brain scan

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Apr 12, 2021
Jake Paul brain scan boxing head trauma
YouTube: Jake Paul / Triller Fight Club

YouTube star Jake Paul is diving headlong into his new career as a professional boxer — but this particular occupation comes with a few physical hazards, as he revealed in a recent video.

Ever since his victory against Deji Olatunji in 2018, Jake Paul has been fiending to take his fighting talents to the top. After begging UFC President Dana White to put him in the octagon, Paul has called out the likes of Conor McGregor and even Dillon Danis for potential bouts.

As for his personal exploits, Paul has defeated fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA pro Nate Robinson in the boxing ring, and is now slated to take on retired MMA fighter Ben Askren later this week.

With this in mind, Triller Fight Club has been releasing regular episodes for a documentary series following Paul’s upcoming match — the latest of which revealed a surprising development in the YouTuber’s physical health.


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The April 12 installment featured Paul discussing the changes he’s felt in himself since training, which included such results as memory loss and mood swings.

“I already notice some side effects of being a boxer — mood swings, temperament, short-term memory loss,” he admitted. “I’ll forget who I talked to, what their name was, or what I ate a couple hours ago.”

That’s not all; Paul also revealed that he’d gotten a brain scan, which showed a visible hole in his brain due to his constant boxing practice — but it doesn’t look like he’s letting the side effects scare him away from his favorite sport.

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“I got my brain scanned and there were signs of repeated head traumas. Does it scare me? Yeah, a little bit. But everything I’ve been through — all the ups, all the downs — I’ve learned a lot. I truly believe I was put on this earth to fight.”

Jake isn’t the only Paul brother to have his head scanned, either; older brother Logan Paul famously got his own brain scanned in early 2019, which also showed visible signs of trauma from his time in the boxing ring.

Despite this, both Paul brothers are gearing up for big fights in the near future, and have seen so much success in the past few months that Jake is calling their current come-up  “The Rise of the Pauls 2.”