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Jake Paul responds to undefeated boxer Ryan Garcia’s fight challenge

Published: 20/Sep/2020 14:27

by Georgina Smith


Jake Paul has responded to undefeated pro boxer Ryan Garcia’s Tweet in which he said he wanted to fight Jake, following the announcement that his brother Logan Paul has signed a contract to fight boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. 

The collision of the YouTube world and the pro-boxing world is one that no one could have predicted ten years ago, but the huge profits garnered from YouTuber KSI’s fight with Joe Weller in 2018 and he’s even bigger fight with Logan Paul later that year have proven the unlikely collaboration to be a lucrative one.


Challenging people to fight has in recent years become somewhat of a trend among the influencer community.

In August even TikTok star Bryce Hall claimed he tried to set up a fight with Hype House leader Thomas Petrou, something that never came to fruition.

Jake Paul stands celebrating after defeating Deji Olatunji.
IG: JakePaul
Jake Paul celebrates victory over Deji.

Following the September 16 announcement that Logan Paul and retired boxer Floyd Mayweather had agreed to a fight contract, it became clear that the two worlds were truly merged, and that it’s no longer exclusively a YouTuber vs YouTuber match format.

This clearly tempted American professional boxer Ryan Garcia to get involved, taking to Twitter on September 19 to issue a new challenge. “If Mayweather can fight Logan Paul then I’m fighting Jake Paul.”

Jake did not back down in the face of a challenge from the undefeated champion, however, instead slamming him with “it’s a little too early for your first loss peewee.” Ryan was unfazed by the belittling comment, simply coming back with “if he dies, he dies.”


If they were to fight, it wouldn’t be Jake’s first time in the ring. He holds wins over UK YouTuber’s Deji and AnEsonGib – and he’s also scheduled to fight former NBA first-rounder Nate Robinson.

Perhaps this fiery exchange will result in an additional pair of fighters added to the Paul vs Mayweather event, giving Jake another chance to step into the ring and prove his growing skills.


PewDiePie defends Elon Musk after backlash for Tesla price change meme

Published: 19/Oct/2020 1:10

by Brent Koepp


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie Kjellberg defended Elon Musk during his October 18 upload. The Swedish star hit out at those getting upset over the Tesla CEO’s viral meme about changing the price of the Model S.

The one thing PewDiePie and Elon Musk have in common is their love of memes. The YouTube star even had the tech giant host an episode of his popular Meme Review show back in 2019 that has over 26 million views. 


The Tesla CEO faced backlash from critics in October after tweeting that the Model S price was being changed to $69,420. The YouTuber defended the billionaire during his latest upload, and argued that people can’t take a joke.

pewdiepie reacting to elon musk meme
YouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber defended Musk over his Tesla 420 joke.

PewDiePie defends Elon Musk’s Model S meme

During his October 18 episode of Last Week I Asked You, Pewds addressed the criticism Elon Musk received from some over a tweet he made on October 14 about the Model S price change. 


“I saw some people being so butthurt over this. It’s like, dude, it’s just a joke. I’m sure Elon knows it’s ironic,” he said, before he jokingly imitated critics in a baby voice. “So childish, he’s like a 12-year old! … Yeah, that’s the joke! Ever hear of fun?”

The creator then applauded the CEO for being attuned to meme culture: “You just want another overweight, gray-haired, boomer billionaire? I don’t. I think we have enough of that!”

(Topic starts 05:27)

The tweet that PewDiePie was referencing was made on October 14 when Musk posted, “The gauntlet has been thrown down! The prophecy will be fulfilled. Model S price changes to $69,420 tonight!”


The joke exploded on the social media platform, instantly going viral with over 330k likes and 35k retweets. While many found the meme to be hilarious, some critics hit out at the CEO for being irresponsible with the company’s prices.

This isn’t the only time PewDiePie has defended Elon. In past uploads, the 30-year-old has admitted to viewers that he’s admired the tech CEO for his innovations while still being wired into internet culture.

With Kjellberg being so fond of the tech giant, maybe the Tesla owner will someday return as a guest host on Meme Review. Maybe the Swede could also convince the billionaire to show up for a round of Among Us – now that would be entertainment gold.