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Jake Paul responds to rumors of boxing fight against brother Logan Paul

Published: 28/Jan/2021 11:33 Updated: 28/Jan/2021 11:54

by Jacob Hale


After months of speculation over a boxing match between him and his older brother Logan, Jake Paul has spoken out about the possibility of a fight between the two YouTube behemoths.


Seeing a boxing match between these two has long been a request of fans. They’ve both had their fair share of high-profile fights, with Logan vs KSI putting up impressive PPV numbers and the older Paul brother set to face off against Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

Jake, on the other hand, knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson and is now gearing up for a match against former UFC star Ben Askren.


At the top end, boxing brothers tend not to face one another, such as with the Klitschko or Charlo brothers. Jake thinks this could be a huge part of the spectacle — but isn’t sure whether the fight could really happen.

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Jake has a 3-0 record but hasn’t yet faced off against a professional fighter.

In an interview with MMA expert Ariel Helwani on ESPN, Jake spoke extensively about his upcoming fight against Askren, and his career in the sport, but of course, the topic of Logan came up.

Helwani asked about a post made by Jake, in which the YouTuber asked who he should fight next, with Logan as one of the options.


Laughing about it, Paul said that it’s “always been a conversation” that they both “keep alive.” He went on to say that he thinks he would agree to it if the dollars made sense “but, at the end of the day, he’s my brother… so maybe, but it could also never happen.”

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Jake went on to explain that he’s a better fighter of the two, referencing his 3-0 record while Logan is 0-1-1 — also claiming that some Logan fans are “brainwashed” because they listen to his podcast.

It’s worth remembering that while this is definitely something fans and critics alike would be interested in seeing, as Jake says, they’re still brothers. So don’t hedge your bets on this fight taking place too soon.