Jake Paul polls fans for possible boxing rematch opponent

BRENDAN TIEGER, YOUTUBE / FaZe Sensei, Soulja Boy - Instagram

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to touch gloves once more at the Los Angeles Staples Center on November 9 – but this time, no other YouTubers will make an appearance on the undercard, as told by promoter Eddie Hearn.

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Instead, Hearn claimed that he wants an “all pro” undercard, arguing that he wants to get new eyes on boxing by “showing them the greatness of our sport.”

However, he appeared to backtrack on this statement after the rematch press conference on September 14, clarifying that he wants the bout to seem legitimate in the eyes of boxing media and for potential YouTube fighters to face off with actual boxing pros.

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This news incited a big reaction from Jake Paul, who accused KSI of sabotaging his chances on the undercard and begged Hearn for a chance to shine at the rematch – but with Hearn suggesting a separate fight at a later date, the YouTuber is looking for other options.

Following the press conference, the Team 10 co-founder posted a poll to Twitter, asking his fans which internet star he should throw down with in the boxing ring, should he get the chance.

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Paul posted six potential opponents in his poll, including such names as YouTubers Fouseytube, AnEson Gib, FaZe Sensei, and Jeff Whittek, as well as MMA fighter Dillon Danis and American rapper Soulja Boy.

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    While it’s unlikely that Paul’s poll will have any effect on the outcome of his potential fight, that isn’t stopping him from pleading his case for the rematch – leaving him just two months to change Eddie Hearn’s mind.