Jake Paul pitches $1m fight offer to UFC legend Michael Bisping after heated exchange

Jake-paul-michael-bisping-fight-ufcIG: Jake Paul / Michael Lisping

Following a heated exchange with UFC legend turned commentator Michael Bisping on social media, Jake Paul pitched a $1 million fight offer to him and claimed he’d knock him out.

Jake Paul’s transition into MMA seems all but inevitable at this point. The Problem Child has been linked to fights against Colby CovingtonConor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru UsmanPaddy Pimblett, and more.

On April 15, he threw another name into the mix by pitching a $1 million fight offer to Michael Bisping after the UFC Hall of Famer poked fun at him for picking fights against people who aren’t in his weight class.

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Jake-Paul-calls-out-Dana-White-Conor-McGregor-and-more-in-UFC-diss-track-videoYouTube: Jake Paul
Jake Paul is no stranger to throwing jabs at UFC personnel.

After seeing an article claiming he was on Jake’s ‘hit list,’ Bisping couldn’t help but laugh and even threw a jab. “Come on Jake Paul,” he said. “You do know I’m about your size? Surely that excludes me from your ‘hit list.'”

“I would knock you out worse than Hendo,” responded Jake, referring to the brutal knockout he received from Dan Henderson in 2009. “You’re an easy fight. But show me you can get licensed, and I will show you $1M plus PPV.”

To poke the bear even more, Jake also mocked Bisping for having a glass eye caused by an injury he sustained in 2013. He included the eye glance emoji in his message and wrote: “Using this emoji because Bisping can’t use it!”

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Bisping didn’t respond directly. However, he followed it up with a video of him training, along with the caption: “Keeping the engine running.” So, if a fight somehow happens, it’s clear that he still has the fitness.

Meanwhile, Jake has also teased potential boxing matches against Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson and debuting as a professional wrestler for the WWE alongside his brother Logan. The options are endless.