Jake Paul outlines his conditions to fight Nate Diaz in final UFC bout

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz side by side talking to cameraInstagram: Jake Paul/Nate Diaz

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is open to fighting Nate Diaz inside the Octagon for his final UFC fight, but he wants Dana White to stump up with some pretty big demands.

Ever since he started making waves in the boxing world, defeating two of MMA stars in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul has had one eye on making his debut inside the UFC.

The social media star has gotten into a war of words with some of the promotion’s biggest names – including UFC president Dana White, Conor McGregor, and Nate Diaz – and has spoken repeatedly about wanting to get inside the cage.

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While he’s traded verbal jabs with McGregor, it’s actually Nate that Jake has seemingly gotten closest to fighting, but the Stockton native still has one more fight in the UFC to complete before his contract comes to an end.

Jake Paul wants Nate Diaz UFC fight, but there’s a catch

Once his UFC contract is up, Nate is free to fight Jake in the boxing ring – and he’s shown plenty of interest in doing so – but Jake is also willing to step inside the cage.

Speaking to ESPN about his upcoming fight, Jake was quizzed on potentially fighting Nate later down the line, especially after Dana White says the fight makes sense. “Look, I’ll be Nate Diaz’s last fight in the UFC,” Jake answered.

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“I’ll throw on the MMA gloves and fight him, for free, as long as Dana White increases the minimum fighter pay to $50k and gives them health care benefits. That was my deal. I think the Nate Diaz fight should happen, if it doesn’t happen with that offer then it’ll probably happen one day in a boxing match.”

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The social media phenom agreed that the matchup “makes sense” for both sides, whether it happens inside the boxing ring or the Octagon.

While he may be looking to the future, Jake still has a tricky test to overcome on August 6 as he takes on Hasim Rahman Jr. at Madison Square Garden. Once those waters have been navigated, then he can look to the future a bit more seriously.

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