Jake Paul opens up on meeting Erika Costell despite Tana Mongeu marriage

Erika Costell, Instagram

Top YouTuber Jake Paul tied the knot with fiance Tana Mongeau in late July – but despite putting a ring on one of the net’s biggest stars, he was caught out with his ex-girlfriend shortly thereafter.

Pictures flooded the net of what appeared to be Paul and model Erika Costell grabbing lunch in mid-August, sending fans into a frenzy since the Team 10 founder had just said his vows not a few weeks earlier.

Despite the speculation, Jake denied that he was ever in the pictures, with older brother Logan Paul corroborating his story and claiming that a fan had edited the photo using deepfake technology.

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KEEMSTAR, TwitterJake Paul was spotted grabbing lunch with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell a few weeks after tying the knot with Tana Mongeau.

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However, it looks like Jake is backing down on his previous statements, as told on his Instagram story in response to a fan’s question concerning his alleged meet-up.

According to Paul, he and Costell continue to have a friendly relationship in spite of fan concerns in light of his marriage to Mongeau.

“Exes can be friends right?” Jake replied. “Or just because ‘stans’ don’t like that and get butt hurt, we’re not supposed to be?”

Jake Paul, InstagramJake Paul claimed that he and Erika Costell are on friendly terms – in spite of denying his involvement in their August meetup.

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Although it would seem that these exes are on good terms, it doesn’t look like Costell is a fan of his new relationship, as she threw a little shade toward Jake and Tana’s marriage during an interview around the same time.

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“…we also got fake married in Vegas,” Erika said of her past with Jake. “Sounds a little familiar. …I think they like the controversy. I think it gets them going. I don’t know, because I don’t do it, but to each their own. It’s working, yeah.”

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Even Mongeau expressed a bit of exasperation after learning of their hangout in August, subtweeting the issue with an “lol wtf” and later admitting that she was only made aware of the meeting thanks to social media.

In spite of the drama, Mongeau claims that she loves her hubby “very much,” so it doesn’t look like “Jana” is going away anytime soon – even if fans aren’t happy with he and Costell remaining on amicable terms.

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