Jake Paul offers to retire from boxing with UFC challenge to Dana White

Jake Paul and Dana White facing camera talking into micYouTube: Jake Paul/Mac Life

Jake Paul has offered to retire immediately from boxing if Dana White can meet a few conditions, including giving him a fight in the UFC against Jorge Masvidal.

Over the last year or so, Jake Paul has set his sights on the UFC and Dana White as he’s constantly taken jabs at the premier MMA organization. 

The ‘Problem Child’ has called out a number of UFC stars for fights including Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal, and while he’s offered to step inside the Octagon, he hasn’t done so just yet. Though, he’s not giving up on it. 

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When he’s not fighting, Jake has been campaigning for better fighter pay in both boxing and MMA, and he’s open to hanging up the gloves for good if White matches his specific conditions for making changes. 

Jake Paul offers to retire from boxing for UFC clash with Jorge Masvidal

That’s right, Jake range in the New Year by offering to retire from boxing with immediate effect if Dana White granted him a fight inside the Octagon and improved things for long-time fighters. 

“Happy New Year Dana White. Here is a real challenge for you,” the YouTuber-turned-boxer tweeted on January 1st, with the wish of a fight in the UFC and three other conditions listed in his offer.

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On top of a fight with Masvidal, Jake wants the UFC to lift fighter pay to a minimum of $50k, give fighters 50% of the company’s revenue, and provide long-term healthcare for all fighters like the NFL does for former players. 

Jake set a deadline of January 6 for White to agree to the terms, and then implement the changes by the end of March. As of writing, though, it doesn’t appear as if they’ll be matched. 

As it stands, it looks as if Jake will be returning to the boxing ring in February after his coach BJ Flores invited some guests to his next bout via social media. So, don’t count on that retirement happening anytime soon.

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