Jake Paul launches new $50m company ‘Betr’ with weekly sports show

jake paul with new company betrJake Paul, YouTube

YouTuber turned boxing star Jake Paul has unveiled his new company, Betr, which he says “is coming” for legacy sports media companies that usually dominate the space.

The latest project from the Problem Child is backed by $50 million of seed money from a long list of investors, including Florida Funders, Aliya Capital, Fuel Ventures, 8VC, and more.

In the announcement video, posted to his YouTube channel on August 8, Jake references a number of content creators currently “revolutionizing” industries, namedropping MrBeast’s Burger chain, Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration sports drink, and the NELK Boys’ Happy Dad seltzer.

He claims to have single-handedly had a similar affect on the boxing business, and his newest venture combines both sports coverage with betting.

Jake Paul reveals new company ‘Betr’

Jake said: “I’ve been waiting for years and years to innovate on an industry, to strike while the iron is hot in a market that needs reinventing… What is it you may ask? You may not have guessed it but sports.

“Can you name a person in the sports media industry right now who is under the age of 40? It’s all old dudes,” he said, taking a shot at ESPN. “It’s all old billionaries running all of these organizations and to me they’re doing a sh**ty job.”

Betr is on a mission to reinvent the sports industry, he says, revealing a tattoo of the business’ name on his leg.

Two branches of Betr explained

Sports media factory

Betr will be divided into two branches. The first is a sports media content factory, which will be working to produce a weekly sports show led by Jake himself, called ‘BS’.

“Not only will we be bulls**tting, but we will be going in-depth into the athlete’s mind… Into what makes them tick,” he continues. “Why are they the way they are? What drives them? What are they thinking of when the going gets tough in their sport? What makes them want to be the best? For me, personally, I’m tired of going on sports shows and getting asked the same questions every single time.”

The 25-year-old also predicts that ‘BS: With Jake Paul’ will quickly become the biggest sports show in the world.

Sports betting and online casino

Jake Paul explained the two branches of Betr on YouTube.

The second branch of Betr will be a micro-betting application, headed up by company co-founder Joey Levy.

Explaining the concept, Jake added: “Instead of placing a bet on who will the game and waiting for hours for the game to be over, our app allows you to bet on every single score, play, drive, and player in real-time. The first time I played this app, the whole time I’m screaming at the TV having so much fun… Every single moment of the game was exciting.”

Urging fans to go follow Betr on all social media platforms, the platform has only gained 8,000 followers on Twitter and 28,000 on Instagra since the video was posted.