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Jake Paul is being accused of forging signatures, and it could land him in big trouble

Published: 27/Oct/2018 19:54 Updated: 27/Oct/2018 20:03

by Virginia Glaze


Social Media Star Jake Paul is in hot water for allegedly forging the signature of YouTuber Max Goodrich, who claims that Paul has ‘ruined his good credit.’

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According to legal documents procured by TMZ, Goodrich is suing Paul for supposedly forging his signature to lease out a rental property, which he promptly trashed – subsequently ruining Goodrich’s ‘good credit.’

Goodrich also claimed that he and Paul had considered moving into the home together, but Goodrich had ultimately backed out of the deal. Paul had decided to use his name on the lease, even though Goodrich wasn’t living there.


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That’s not all – owners of the rental property are taking legal action against both parties for “leaving the place in ruins,” despite Goodrich’s apparent lack of involvement in the scandal whatsoever.

Goodrich is responding to the lawsuit by suing Paul,  asking that he cover all damages laid out in the homeowners’ dispute.

However, TMZ has since updated this story with claims that Paul never actually forged Goodrich’s signature at all. A source close to the youngest Paul brother has stated that Goodrich’s signature is nowhere to be found on the original lease of the property, and claims that Goodrich was only listed as a ‘potential tenant.’


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According to the source, the original tenants of the property were listed as ‘10 Digit Media,’ a social media label for Paul’s ‘Team 10’ crew of YouTube personalities.

This isn’t the first property Jake Paul has destroyed, either – the YouTuber was sued in 2016 in a $2.5 million lawsuit for trashing another rental home, as well.