Jake Paul hits back at $100 million Eddie Hearn lawsuit: “We’re going to debunk that”

Jake Paul talking to camera in blue shirt surronded by flagsYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul says he’s going to “debunk” the $100 million lawsuit brought against him by Eddie Hearn for making claims about the corruption of a judge. 

As he’s made waves in the world of boxing, Jake Paul has remained true to the persona that helped him become an internet star in the first place.

However, that has also landed him in a bit of trouble. While he’s been able to back up his knockout claims in the ring, he recently accused Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing of paying a judge – Glenn Feldman – for preferential scorecards at events.

The boxing promoter has hit back at these claims, with Matchroom suing Jake for damages of a reported $100 million. Though, the ‘Problem Child’ says he’s going to debunk things at a later date.

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Jake Paul responds to Eddie Hearn’s $100 million lawsuit

Jake touched on the lawsuit during episode 8 of the BS with Jake Paul show, where he dropped an initial response but stated he’d get into more detail later down the line.

“We’ll get into the Eddie Hearn situation probably on the next episode,” Jake started. “There’s just too much to unravel there and we’ve got too much s**t going on in this episode, honestly.

“We’re going to debunk that too, Eddie Hearn. If you guys don’t know, Eddie Hearn sued me, so I’m going to go into that next week and talk about the whole Eddie Hearn situation and what’s going on there.”

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As to how Jake will exactly “debunk” the lawsuit is anyone’s guess, as making claims about corruption is as serious as it gets when it comes to boxing.

We’ll just have to wait and see as to what he says in his more in-depth response, but it’s clearly a situation that isn’t going away anytime soon.