Jake Paul gives 12 crazy reasons he “cannot be defeated” by Tommy Fury

Jake Paul in black shirt against black background talking to cameraYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has got a list of 12 reasons why he believes he’ll beat Tommy Fury in their long-awaited fight, and some of them are pretty unusual. 

The rivalry between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is well-documented at this point. They’ve gone back and forth with online trash talk for a few years now, and have even been supposed to fight. 

Their last two fight nights were called off due to issues on Tommy’s side – one being an injury and the other being the inability to enter the United States – but they’ve now agreed to fight on February 26 in Saudi Arabia. 

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Naturally, they’ve started ramping up the trash talk once again. They both believe they’ll have an easy night’s work and quickly move on to another fight afterward. Though, Jake has got some unusual reasons as to why he believes he’ll win as well. 

Jake Paul lists 12 reasons why he has advantage over Tommy Fury

The ‘Problem Child’ took to Instagram to list 12 reasons why he thinks he’s got the advantage over all his opponents, which includes Tommy. 

“I’m more athletic, have more heart, more of a WHY, more poised, more emotionally intelligent, more spiritually connected, more calculated, more willing to die, more patient, more studied, more willing to learn, more supported and loved than any of my opponents,” Jake said in the caption of a post about his training on January 31.

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“So in this lifetime I just simply cannot be defeated. For this timeline I am extremely grateful,” he added. 

Some viewers criticized Jake’s post as just “more talk” and urged him to focus on the work ahead. “Insecurities popping through,” said one. “Forgot more cringy,” added another. “Please be humble dude,” commented another. 

Plenty of fans got behind Jake’s post, though, and there is plenty of interest in seeing him fight Tommy. Though, if that doesn’t happen, and the Fury’s pull out again, he has got a back-up plan prepared.