Jake Paul finally set to get boxing world ranking and fans are furious

Jake Paul talking inside boxing gym with black shirt and red hatYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul looks set to be in line to finally get a boxing world ranking, however, fans are pretty furious by the potential of that.

Since stepping into the professional boxing ranks, Jake Paul has managed to amass a 6-0 record by defeating AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

While he doesn’t have a win over a professional boxer under his belt, wins over the likes of Woodley and Silva have proven that he’s not just a flash in the pan. The ‘Problem Child’ does have some serious striking power and has gone blow-to-blow with some of the best in combat sports.

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To this point, he hasn’t yet been ranked. That’s because he has yet to beat a professional boxer. Though he could be inching closer to getting a rank from at least one boxing association.

Will Jake Paul get a boxing world ranking?

That’s right, the rumors of Jake getting a rank have once again surfaced as he’s been invited to the WBA’s – World Boxing Association – Centennial Convention in Orlando, Florida.

The WBA have even called him a “renowned boxer” to boot, which hasn’t gone down well with those fans who believe he could be getting a rank at the event.

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“The world has truly gone mad, shame on you WBA how embarrassing for the sport to call him that,” one Tweeted. “This what happens when you choose money over the sport,” added another on Instagram. “F**king clown show. This is NOT boxing. He’s NOT a boxer. Hey WBA, recognize and respect the sport ffs,” commented another. “Worst era ever for boxing.”

While it hasn’t yet been confirmed if Jake will be receiving a rank, the WBA wouldn’t be the first to offer him. When he was scheduled to fight Hasim Rahman Jr, the WBC were set to rank Jake had he won.

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Getting a ranking would add legitimacy to Jake’s belief that he can win a world championship, but he’d still have to fight increasingly difficult opponents to get to that spot. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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