Jake Paul explains why Tana Mongeau doesn't deserve her Streamy award

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube-turned-MTV starlet Tana Mongeau took home the 2019 Streamy award for Creator of the Year — but hubby Jake Paul believes another YouTuber should have won the coveted prize instead.

Up against names like vlogger David Dobrik, late-night hostess Lilly Singh, and YouTube philanthropist Mr Beast, Tana Mongeau was shocked upon winning Creator of the Year — a sentiment echoed by her husband.

Jake Paul discussed the matter during a December 21 episode of brother Logan Paul’s "imPaulsive" podcast, where he complained that many award winners don’t actually deserve the honor such an esteemed title.


Logan, understandably confused, raised the question of sister-in-law Tana’s recent Streamy win — a win that Paul believes she didn’t necessarily deserve.

In fact, Jake claimed that the prize should have gone to Mr Beast, who went viral several times this year for his charitable giveaways, insane challenges, and even his massive campaign to send PewDiePie above and beyond competitor T-Series.

“And let’s be honest, the people winning these awards — no offense — like, they’re not actually like who should be winning the awards most of the time," Jake began.

Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul, Instagram
Despite their status as husband and wife, Jake Paul doesn't necessarily feel that Mongeau deserves the title of "Creator of the Year."


“Do you think Tana correctly won that award?” Logan challenged.

“No,” Jake answered candidly. “Mr Beast should have won that award.”

“I agree,” Logan admitted. “I don’t know how anyone can argue that.”

“Congrats,” Jake continued. “But…”



Jake isn’t the only one to hold this view, either: in fact, Tana herself claimed that she felt undeserving of the award during her emotional acceptance speech at the Streamys.

“This feels like one of those 'Mean Girls' moments where I should like break it off and give it to everybody who actually f***ing deserves it, because I don’t deserve this at all,” Mongeau explained. “I don’t feel like Creator of the Year I’ve never felt like Creator of the Year.”

Despite claiming that she would never win the award, Tana has secured her place in Streamy history — a win that both she, Jake Paul, and even YouTube king PewDiePie seem to contest in wake of other creator achievements, no matter the views of her own fans.