Jake Paul explains why he’d rather fight Conor McGregor over Mike Tyson

jake paul and conor mcgregorJake Paul/Instagram/Andrius Petrucenia, Flickr

Influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul is finally making his return to the ring against MMA legend Anderson Silva, but he still has his heart set on fighting Conor McGregor – even more so than Mike Tyson.

Boxing superstar Jake Paul has taken the boxing world by storm with an undefeated record of 5-0, including KOs against UFC fighters Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

While the Problem Child has certainly made a name for himself in the ring, he’s been clear that fighting Conor McGregor would be his biggest challenge ever and has tried countless times to get the Notorious One’s attention.

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In a recent interview, the YouTuber explained why fighting Conor McGregor is still number one on his list of big matches despite fans clamoring for him to settle the score against KSI.

Jake Paul explains why Conor McGregor is his “biggest” fight

Speaking with Sun Sport, Paul claimed that for him, there would be no bigger fight than a match against Conor McGregor.

“Just because the press conferences would be off the charts. And from a boxing perspective, it’s a very high-level bout,” he explained, further noting how a match against Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t draw as much attention.

According to the influencer, he doesn’t think Mayweather would fight him in an actual match, but as he previously said, if Floyd put his undefeated record on the line, he’d do it.

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mike tyson walked out on jake paulInstagram/Jakepaul/miketyson
Jake Paul says a fight against Mike Tyson wouldn’t be as big.

The Problem Child also dismissed a fight against Iron Mike when compared to McGregor, remarking: “Mike Tyson is older, it’s obviously still huge but that’s why I think McGregor is the biggest name there, for sure.”

It remains to be seen if Paul and McGregor ever will throw down, but if the YouTuber can best Anderson Silva, anything is possible, even perhaps a fight inside the Octagon with The Problem Child teasing an MMA announcement in the near future.