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Jake Paul explains why he “can’t get canceled” now

Published: 1/Nov/2021 14:08 Updated: 1/Nov/2021 14:09

by Connor Bennett


Jake Paul believes that making the switch from being an influencer to being a boxer means he can no longer be “canceled” even if the internet attempts to do so. 

Since starting out on Vine back in 2013, Jake Paul has risen to be one of the most followed and successful content creators on the internet. Though, his rise hasn’t been without controversy.

Most notably, in April of 2021, the YouTuber was accused of sexually assaulting former Team 10 member Justine Paradise, though Paul claimed the allegations were “100% false” and an “attempt for attention.”

The YouTuber has also previously had his home raided by the FBI and charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly for being around a mall looting in Arizona. He’s even been investigated by Puerto Rico for driving a vehicle across a beach during turtle nesting season.


Logan and Jake Paul
Instagram: jakepaul
Logan and his brother Jake are two of the world’s most popular YouTubers, but its not without some backlash.

While both the law and the internet have been breathing down his neck over the controversial incidents, Jake believes can’t be canceled at present after switching things up.

Speaking to the New Yorker as a part of a profile surrounding his fight with Tyron Woodley, the social media star cites his move into fighting as protection.

“One thing that is great about being a fighter is, like, you can’t get canceled,” he said, with the profile also quoting him as saying: “I’m not a saint. I’m also not a bad guy, but I can very easily play the role.”


Jake Paul made eight figure payday tyron woodley
YouTube: Jake Paul
Paul’s been making a substantial amount of money from his boxing endeavors.

While being a fighter, obviously, doesn’t exclude you from suffering consequences for your actions, there have been plenty of boxers with controversial backgrounds that have had great success.

Many have leaned into the bad guy persona on their way to success with crowds desperate to see them lose as some sort of karma. Which seems to be a formula that Jake will follow.