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Entertainment • May 23, 2019

Jake Paul discovers if rapper Lil Xan actually cheated on Tana Mongeau

Jake Paul discovers if rapper Lil Xan actually cheated on Tana Mongeau
Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau - YouTube / Lil Xan, Instagram

Controversial YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have recently sparked a highly-publicized romance - but Paul is still settling things with her ex-boyfriends, including rapper Lil Xan.


Paul approached Lil Xan on the set of his upcoming music video during a vlog uploaded on May 22, where he jokingly decided to ask him about his previous relationship with Mongeau - more specifically, her allegations that Xan had cheated on her.

While Xan didn’t give Paul a direct answer, he referenced Mongeau’s May 14 video discussing their relationship, going on to claim that he and Tana had merely been “living young, wild, and free” - a quote that she, herself, used in her video on the topic.

[Timestamp: 9:45 for mobile viewers]


However, Paul went on to tell Mongeau that Xan had actually admitted his infidelity, much to Tana’s surprise.

“Wow, I’m actually happy he admitted that,” Mongeau said of the matter. “That’s hard, and I’m proud of him. I think that’s growth.”

During a phone call with Paul near the beginning of his vlog, Mongeau claimed that Xan had asked her to be his girlfriend multiple times. While Tana initially denied his request, she finally gave in - only to find out that he had “three other girlfriends” lined up.

[Timestamp: 7:40 for mobile viewers]


This wouldn’t be the first time Paul has confronted one of Mongeau’s ex-boyfriends, either; Paul has stirred up beef with Mongeau’s most recent ex, Justin Bieber lookalike Brad Sousa, with Sousa even hoping to fight Paul over his constant, online trolling.

“I will box you, I will go in the octagon with you, I will do whatever the fuck you want, bro,” Sousa said in a video addressing the issue. “...I’ll beat your ass, I don’t care. I really don’t care.”

Like Lil Xan, Mongeau claims that Sousa cheated on her, after receiving nude photos from other women on Snapchat - a topic that Sousa has reportedly been asked to speak on, thanks to Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

While Sousa has yet to make an appearance on Drama Alert, Mongeau called out KEEMSTAR for their impending interview, calling Sousa a “bad person, liar, cheater, etc who does everything for clout.”

While Paul is usually chomping at the bit for a chance to throw down with other YouTubers, his potential match with Sousa remains up in the air.

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