Jake Paul praised by boxer Claressa Shields for supporting women’s boxing

Georgina Smith
Claressa Shields next to Jake Paul
Instagram: claressashields2 / jakepaul

Boxer Claressa Shields has praised Jake Paul months after their online beef, saying she “appreciates him” for getting involved in women’s boxing.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has certainly shaken things up in the boxing scene over the past few years, and as well as taking on several high-profile fights, he’s also landed himself in beef with a variety of people such as UFC President Dana White.

Paul and pro boxer Claressa Shields have been going back and forth with each other over the past few months, with Shields claiming Paul would get his “ass whooped” if he steps inside a boxing ring with her.

This later led to the influencer criticizing her on social media after she lost a fight to Abigail Montes by split decision.

However, it looks like the beef between the two fighters may have been squashed, as in an interview with TMZ, Shields praised Paul for his work in women’s boxing, particularly for helping to finalize a fight between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor.

“I wish [Jake] the best,” she said, adding: “What he’s doing for Amanda is great. I think that him getting involved in helping the fight with Katie Taylor is great for Amanda and Katie and it’s great for women’s boxing. I appreciate him for that and I just wish him the best in whatever he does and just keeps his damn hands up, that’s it.”

However, it appears that Paul’s previous comments on her loss have not been forgotten, as she called him out for calling her a “loser.”

Jake Paul in an Instagram picture
Instagram: jakepaul
Paul has generated a lot of attention since he started getting involved in boxing.

“The only beef I have with Jake Paul is don’t ever disrespect me,” she said. “He tried to kick me when I was down and also going to a new sport.

“I lost a split decision. I didn’t get submitted, I didn’t get knocked out, I didn’t get beat up. It was a split and I’m also brand new in MMA and when he made that comment, calling me a loser and stuff, that’s what really made me want to fight him.”

Paul is continuing to make waves in the boxing industry, and it looks like he has big plans for the future, even hinting that he may even make a move to the NFL after eventually retiring from boxing.