Jake Paul claims he made even more than $45 million in 2021

Jake Paul in an Instagram pictureInstagram: jakepaul

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has revealed that he actually earned even more than the $45 million that Forbes estimated he earned in 2021.

24-year-old Jake Paul first launched his YouTube channel in 2014, and since then he has gone on to become a hugely topical creator thanks to endeavors like the Team Ten content house and his recent ventures into the world of boxing.

He’s also one of several creators who featured on Forbes’ Highest-Paid YouTube Stars list published in January 2022, alongside other stars such as MrBeast, and brother Logan Paul.

They estimated that Jake earned $45 million in 2021, with his boxing work accounting for nearly 90% of that total.

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Jake Paul and Mr Beast with money and YouTube logoYouTube/Jake Paul/Mr Beast/Unsplash
Jake and MrBeast topped the richest YouTubers list for 2021.

But the YouTuber has now responded to his inclusion on the list, saying that the figure was inaccurate — but not because it was an overestimate.

In a message posted to his Instagram story, Paul wrote: “True story on my momma. So my dad called me today and asked me if the numbers that were reported today were inflated. ‘I knew you made close to that, but did you really make that?'”

“The answer was, ‘yes Dad, and in fact the numbers are slightly low.’ Mind you, I don’t lie to my dad and he knows everything about my life. Even my brother thought the numbers were lower (according to my dad’s convo with him.)”

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White text on Jake Paul's Instagram story

Paul revealed that estimations of his earnings in the past had a tendency to be higher than what they actually were. “A lot of times, Forbes inflates the number made. In 2018 when I made the list, I made $17 million and they reported $22 million I believe,” he said.

“On this day they are actually behind and the numbers are actually low. Most celebs would say, ‘thank the lord I’m so blessed’ but I say any regular motherf**ker could do this sh*t if you a sicko and ready to die for your cause.”

With Paul looking keen to continue his boxing endeavors, he could be set to make an even bigger amount of money in the coming year.

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