Jake Paul challenges KSI to wager ownership of Prime Hydration in summer 2023 fight

Michael Gwilliam
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YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is challenging British rival KSI to wager his stake in Prime Hydration to match his ownership of Betr in a winner-take-all fight next summer.

Jake Paul will finally be stepping back into the ring this October when he battles UFC legend Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva in Arizona, but his next bout could be his biggest yet.

The feud between Jake Paul and KSI has been going on for years at this point. While KSI has only recently returned to the fight world by picking up two victories in one night, he still stands as one of the biggest names in influencer boxing.

With the two tentatively agreeing to battle it out in 2023, Jake Paul has urged KSI to up the ante and is willing to put up his ownership of Betr if the Brit is willing to do the same with Prime Hydration.

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Jake Paul and KSI could be fighting in 2023.

Jake Paul calls out KSI in boxing match wager

Speaking with brother and co-owner of Prime Hydration, Logan Paul, Jake demanded KSI answer his call to put up or shut up.

“JJ, I’m proposing to you that when we fight, if I win I take half of your Prime equity,” the Problem Child suggested. “Winner takes all and I get half of your Prime equity, but if you beat me you get half of my Betr equity.”

Logan wasn’t exactly approving of the bet, asking Jake if he was “insane” for putting up so much, but for the younger Paul bro, it’s all about sending a message.

(segment begins at 13:17)

“KSI, I’ve always said it that you can be the A-Side for your ego. Obviously, you have an ego issue, I don’t give a f**k about being the A-Side. We all know who the real A-Side is. I just want to knock you the f**k out. I’ll do it in your own country,” he blasted.

“I’ll let you be the A-Side because it doesn’t matter when it’s all said and done and you’re asleep on the f**king canvas.”

Hopefully, the two actually end up squaring off in 2023 and we can finally see who really is YouTube’s top boxer once and for all.