Jake Paul calls out Tommy Fury with scathing $1 million fight offer

YouTube: Jake Paul / Instagram: Tommy Fury

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is looking for his next opponent — and he’s got his sights officially set on Tommy Fury, calling out his fellow boxer with an eyebrow-raising $1 million fight offer.

It’s safe to say that Jake Paul is on a roll. The YouTuber, who first got his start on Vine, has gone on to build a career for himself in professional boxing and has already amassed an undefeated 4-0 record.

The ‘Problem Child’ has taken on quite a colorful cast of opponents. From fellow content creators to former NBA pros and even a former five-time UFC Welterweight Champ, Paul has faced off against just about anyone who isn’t an actual boxer… but this trend might be overturned in the near future.

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Following his split-decision victory over Tyron Woodley, Paul claimed that he was locked on to Tommy Fury as his next opponent, calling the Love Island star “skilled, undefeated, and a real boxer.”

Jake Paul fights Tyron WoodleyAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul won his August 29 bout against Tyron Woodley by split-decision – and now, he’s setting his sights on Tommy Fury.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Fury is taking the bait, according to a tweet Jake published on September 21. The youngest Paul bro revealed that he’d offered a fight to Fury twice to no avail.

“Tommy ‘Fury’ has denied 2 abundant offers from my team,” Paul penned. “Timmy ‘Fury…’ This is your last offer… $1 million, 8 rounds. 4x more than you have ever made. Either step up and fight OR accept that you and your Dad don’t believe in you.”

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Thus far, Fury has yet to release an official response to Paul — but this comes as quite a shock, considering the slew of other, far more profitable, fight offers he’s received as of late. In fact, Paul notably rejected a whopping $30 million fight with none other than Vitor Belfort, claiming it “doesn’t excite me.”

He’s even passed on the possibility of fighting Anderson Silva, claiming the bout would be a “lose-lose” for him after news broke that his older brother, Logan, might be facing off with the legendary Brazilian mixed martial artist.

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Tommy Fury eats at a restaurantInstagram/tommyfury
Tommy Fury has claimed he’s “coming for” Jake Paul after the YouTuber called him out in the past… and it’s looking more likely than ever that these two powerhouses will finally touch gloves in the boxing ring.

For those wanting Paul to face off with someone in his caliber in the boxing ring, his latest offer toward Tommy Fury comes as a welcome development… but there’s no telling if Fury will actually accept.

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