Jake Paul calls out Mike Tyson to make blockbuster fight happen

Jake Paul alongside Mike Tyson looking at cameraYouTube: Showtime Sports/Jimmy Kimmel

Jake Paul is still eager to fight boxing legend Mike Tyson and has called on the former Heavyweight king to “make it happen” in the near future.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has been linked with a whole host of fights over the years, but there’s one big one that he’s been pushing quite regularly – himself versus ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

‘The Problem Child’ has routinely said he’d fight the boxing legend at some point, and Tyson has been open to doing it as well. Though, he’s set a lofty price tag and would want it to happen before the end of 2022. Time is obviously running out on that front.

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Even though he’s currently gearing up to fight Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva in October, Jake is still down to fight ‘Iron’ Mike, as he believes it would be a “crazy” fight for the both of them.

Jake Paul still wants to fight Mike Tyson

During the second press conference for his fight against Silva, Jake was quizzed about the potential of fighting another “legendary” fighter down the line, and whether or not he had a name in mind for that possibility.

“Mike Tyson! That would be crazy,” the YouTuber-turned-boxer quickly answered. “I have so much respect for him. He’s another one of my idols, and he said he wanted to do the fight. Mike, where you at?

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“Bro, you said it on Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon, one of the Jimmies, so let’s make it happen.”

A fight between Jake and ‘Iron’ Mike would certainly have plenty of intrigue surrounding it, given that Tyson has proven he can still box pretty well despite being 56 years old and having numerous long-standing injuries.

Whether or not it’ll ever happen, though, remains to be seen, especially as Tyson hasn’t made any further advances on his previous claim of wanting to fight at some point in 2022.

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