Jake Paul applauds Nate Diaz’s UFC exit request amid Logan Paul fight rumors

nate diaz jake paulJake Paul / Nate Diaz Instagram

Jake Paul is rooting for Nate Diaz after the legendary UFC fighter publicly asked Dana White to be released from the league. This comes on the heels of trash talk between Diaz and Logan Paul as fight rumors swirl.

The Paul brothers have been kicking up dust everywhere in the combat sports scene. Since the influencer boxing trend took off, they’ve been getting attention from some of boxing and MMAs biggest names like Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, and Diaz.

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Though most interactions have boiled down to smack talk, Logan managed to at least convince Mayweather to an actual bout that took place in 2021.

But the possibility for more headline fights has grown since. Now Nate Diaz apparently wants to exit the UFC and Jake, for one, is looking forward to him leaving.

Jake Paul backs Nate Diaz UFC exit

On March 26, Diaz signaled his intent to exit the UFC on Twitter by expressing his angst at getting in the ring again with no match in sight,

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“I would like to request to be released from the UFC, Dana White & Hunter Campbell,” he wrote. “I apologize for asking online but you don’t give me a fight ASAP. I got sh*t to do.”

He doubled down later by saying: “Mother f**kers be crying cause they get dropped from the UFC. I can’t pay out this bitch.”

Jake Paul was quick to support the MMA fighter’s endeavor to leave by saying “Free Nate Diaz” in response to the tweet.

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Jake and Logan have long been goading Diaz and his brother, Nick, into some kind of action. Nothing has been confirmed as far as a bout goes, but all parties have been vocal about wanting to meet in the ring.

Diaz directly called out Logan Paul for a fight in early March. However, due to his UFC contract, any sanctioned match against Logan or Jake would be out of the question.

But now that Diaz is actively looking to exit the UFC, it could open the door to the YouTubers finally being able to throw hands with the famed fighter in the future.

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