Jake Paul admits “I’m such a b*tch” after running away from Floyd Mayweather

jake paul says he was such a btch after running floyd mayweatherYouTube: BS w/ Jake Paul

Influencer-boxer Jake Paul admitted he was “such a b*tch” after running away from Floyd Mayweather’s team during a sudden confrontation earlier this month.

Jake Paul is one of the most prolific YouTube-boxers in the space right now — but his perfect record has been quashed.

In February, ‘The Problem Child’ experienced his first-ever loss against British boxer Tommy Fury. Now, he’s looking to set up a rematch before taking any other fights… but the fight almost came to him, instead.

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Shortly after his loss to Fury, Paul was approached by legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and his team in Miami, Florida. A full video captured by TMZ shows Paul turning away after being confronted by the retired champ before booking it out of the area like a gazelle.

The memes were quick to follow. Paul underwent the full ire of the internet after fleeing from Mayweather, whom he’d previously taunted at the champ’s exhibition match against big bro Logan Paul in 2021.

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Jake Paul admits he ran away from Floyd Mayweather

A week later, Jake has admitted he was caught lacking, calling himself a “b*tch” for running away from ‘Money’ Mayweather despite wanting the smoke.

“We got got,” he joked during a March 16 episode of his podcast. “It was like a full-on Army Delta Force, covert mission, bro. I’ve never been caught lacking, and I feel like such a b*tch. I am a b*tch!”

“I knew you were lacking, ’cause when you called me on the phone you were like, ‘Cousin, I ran away,'” his co-host laughed. “‘And I was outnumbered!'”

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“If you’re running away from 25 people, you’re actually the smarter man!” another co-host said.

“One to five dudes? Let’s f*cking go,” Jake chimed in. “Six or more? I’m good. I’m a b*tch. I’m mad p*ssy right now, I’m not even gonna cap.”

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It’s clear that, while Jake is more than willing to take on Mayweather in the ring, he’s not as game to brawl against the champ’s whole team.

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It’s unclear if Floyd is interested in taking another match against the younger Paul brother; previously, the champ said he wouldn’t be able to fight the influencer even if he wanted to, citing major differences in their weight classes that would prevent the bout from happening.