Jake Paul accused of paying Joe Weller to lose boxing match

Jake Paul, Instagram / Joe Weller, Twitter

Social media star Jake Paul threw down with YouTuber Joe Weller in the boxing ring on March 23 and walked away with a major victory – but some critics are skeptical of his win.

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Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem questioned the match’s legitimacy in a Tweet on March 26, where he speculated that Paul may have paid Weller to lose the fight.

“Did Jake Paul pay Joe Weller to take a fall, or is Joe really this bad at boxing?” KEEM wrote.

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KEEM wasn’t alone in his speculation, either; other fans likewise claimed that the match had been fixed beforehand, with some users noting that Weller went down fairly easy after being punched in the gut by Jake.

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“Looked real until the fakest ending I’ve ever seen,” one commenter wrote.

“Joe looked like he wasn’t even taking it seriously, he’s terrible,” another quipped.

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Despite the overwhelming criticism against their fight, Weller explained that the bout was very much legitimate, and claimed that the final blow had truly knocked the wind out of him.

“Seeing far too many people genuinely believing I staged to lose in the first round against Jake,” Weller wrote. “…I fully wanted to do good, but that shot that winded me. Just was killer, even if it did look well pussy.”

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Weller went on to deny any claims that Jake had paid him off to fix their match, and even poked fun at his own boxing skills in the process.

“I’d never take money to look bad and take a loss,” he continued. “I legit do that enough on my own haha. Wish I coulda done better, but boxing just ain’t my sport ffs.”

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Even Jake Paul chimed in on the matter, noting that Weller had likewise lost to KSI during their boxing match in February 2018.

While Jake appeared to schedule a fight with American rapper Soulja Boy, it appears that the youngest Paul brother now has his sights set on KSI; although official news of a potential bout between the two remains cloudy.

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