Jake Paul accused of trying to hurt sparring partner and kicking him out of gym

. 26 days ago
Jake Paul accused of hurting sparring partner

Influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul is being blasted by his sparring partner for allegedly trying to hurt him and then kicking him from his gym in preparation for his August fight.

Jake Paul is gearing up for his return to the ring on August 13 where he is set to face off against a currently unknown opponent in hopes of improving to 6-0 in his boxing career.

In preparation for his bout, the YouTuber hired Elie Augustama for sparring, but things went sour during a recent session that got heated in a big way.

On Instagram, Augustama hit out at Paul, accusing the boxer of trying to hurt his neck and even challenged him to a fight over his actions.

Amanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul is gearing up for his next match months after his last bout against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul’s sparring partner blasts influencer

According to The Sun, while sparring in Puerto Rico, Augustama and Paul got into a skirmish during a training session, prompting the 36-year-old to speak out on social media.

“You paid me to work and you ain’t paying me enough motherf**ker,” slammed Augustama. “You want to be disrespectful just because you tried to hurt my neck because I was giving you work.”

Augustama added that despite Paul having 40 pounds on him he would be willing to fight him after their last session got heated.

Additionally, after complaining to the influencer’s coach, BJ Flores, Augustama said he was kicked out of the gym.

“They flipped on me, they didn’t even let me take my clothes off, they were like, ‘Get out.’ I have never, ever seen such a 180 flip. That’s normally what I do, because I’m going to push you.”

So far, Jake Paul has yet to respond to these allegations, but it will be interesting to see if this incident ends up impacting his training regimen ahead of his return fight later this year.

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