Jake Paul accidentally exposes NFL star in Julia Rose DMs

Jake Paul and Julia Rose instagram photoInstagram: jakepaul

YouTuber and boxing sensation Jake Paul may have inadvertently leaked a top NFL star attempting to slide into his girlfriend, Julia Rose’s, DMs — and it’s a star wide receiver with first-team All-Pro honors.

Jake’s relationship with Julia hasn’t been without its hitches — they very publicly split earlier in 2022, before reuniting after some time apart.

Julia’s a huge star in her own right, with her very successful Shagmag magazine as well as over 1 million followers on Instagram, meaning she catches the eye of several people, including celebrities, athletes, and more.

While Julia’s DMs are kept almost entirely private, Jake might have accidentally leaked which NFL star is trying to slide in, despite best efforts to edit out the name. Here’s the clip that fans are latching on to:

While the name is bleeped out, eagle-eyed fans have used their lip-reading expertise to deduce what Jake is saying, calling out the San Francisco 49ers’ star receiver Deebo Samuel.

It’s not 100% guaranteed that this is what the younger Paul brother said, but it definitely looks that way.

Deebo was drafted by the 49ers in 2019 in the 2nd round, and was selected for the Pro Bowl in 2021 alongside earning his first-team All-Pro honors.

Ahead of the 2022 season, Samuel agreed to a three-year, $71.55 million contract extension that could become worth up to $73.5 million.

While things might not work out between him and Julia, there’s no doubting that Deebo is in for a big year regardless.