Jake Paul accepts Dana White’s steroid test challenge, but there’s a catch

jake-paul-dana-white-steroid-test-challengeInstagram: Jake Paul / YouTube: UFC

Jake Paul accepted Dana White’s challenge to get a steroid test after the UFC President accused him of being a “cheater,” but only if he gives his ‘favorite’ fighters the same treatment.

The feud between Paul and White is still raging on in 2022. On January 1, Paul laid down a spicy challenge for the UFC President. He asked him to pay his fighters more and give them long-term healthcare.

In exchange, he said that he would retire from boxing and step into the octagon to take on Jorge Masvidal – a proposition that he assumed White would want to snap up.

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Instead, White responded with a challenge of his own. “I believe that you use steroids,” he said. “So, I want to randomly steroid test you for the next two years.”

Paul accepted the challenge, but on one condition.

Jake-Paul-Tyron-Woodley-earnings-scaled-e1639178501191Amanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley by knockout in their December 18 rematch.

“Steroid test me whenever the f**k you want,” said Paul. “I don’t do steroids. I take it as a compliment. Because there’s no other excuse to me knocking out all of your champions other than ‘this kid does steroids.’”

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However, there is one small catch. He’s only willing to accept the challenge if White gives his own fighters the same treatment. “If you steroid test me, then I want to steroid test every one of your fighters.”

The UFC has an extensive Anti-Doping Policy in place, which involves regular testing. But Paul implied that some fighters are getting away with it, and he wants them tested. “You won’t want to do it, though, will you?”

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Amanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Paul denies claims that he takes steroids and accepted White’s challenge to test him.

Paul also slammed White for skirting around his other comments. “You address nothing that I said. I said I would fight MMA. I said that I would retire from boxing. You avoided all of that sh*t. It shows you are in a corner.

“The bottom line is that you won’t add healthcare for your fighters because you don’t give a f**k about them. You’re too much of a greedy b*tch to pay your minimum fighter more than $12,000 for risking their lives.”

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He described White as “one of the most selfish capitalistic motherf*kers” he has ever seen based on the way he treats his fighters. He also claimed that they are too afraid to speak out against him because he’ll “bench” them.

Paul and White have been locking horns for over a year now. Their spat has included everything from legal threats and physical threats to various challenges and counter-offers. The latest challenge is one of many.

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However, Paul doesn’t intend to back down anytime soon. “You’ve met your maker,” he said. “I’m not going to stop. Welcome to the show.”

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