Jake and Logan Paul react to another member leaving Team 10

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Jul 01, 2019

Jake and Logan Paul have broken down the exit of Cole Carrigan from the Team 10 house – labeling him as “lazy” and warning him about taking the beef any further.

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Tension has been growing between Jake Paul and Cole Carrigan since March, with Paul admitting frustration with the latter’s social media post – referring to one Instagram post as being too “adult.”

While it may have been boiling over since, things came to a head on June 28, when Carrigan was removed from the Team 10 house amid growing beef with other members. Of course, it hasn’t taken the Paul brothers all too long to make their feelings known about the situation. 

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Jake Paul - Instagram
The Paul brothers refused to hold back when slamming Cole Carrigan.

On their most recent Jake and Logan episode, where they break down what’s going on in the world of the Paul brothers, Jake opened up on the beef between Team 10 and former member Cole Carrigan.

Jake explained that Cole was going ‘Alissa Violet’ on Team 10 – making social media posts about his exit without explaining the full situation, specifically in relation to a mural in his room in the team house being defaced.

The Paul brother added that he had taken time and money to get the mural curated in the first place so that Carrigan could make videos from there. However, in his first of a few personal jabs, Jake stated: “He wasn’t posting videos, or filming any videos, because he’s lazy.”

(Video timestamp at 0:36 for mobile users)

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While Jake continued to talk on the situation, Logan labeled the make-up artist as a “knock-off James Charles” before his brother chimed in with another personal jab – seemingly threatening to expose Carrigan if he carried on.

“We have receipts by the way in case we need to make another fucking one of these videos, if he doesn’t shut up,” added Jake. “I am fucking over this bullshit of like me giving fucking everything to these people who are fucking at such a small point in their career – and I mentor them, become their friend, I give them hugs when they’re crying.”

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The fashion and beauty YouTuber has yet to respond to the Paul brothers upload but considering he’s already shown a willingness to fire back, this beef could last a little longer yet.