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Jaclyn Hill under fire after posting “tone-deaf” Instagram photo

Published: 28/May/2020 23:38 Updated: 28/May/2020 23:52

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is facing backlash from critics online after posting a photo of herself posing in a Lamborghini and giving fans a tour of her expansive pantry.

Jaclyn Hill is one of the internet’s continually divisive personalities, most notably sparking outrage among fans after the launch of her lipstick line in 2019, which buyers discovered contained hair, bumps and other unexpected imperfections.

Following this debacle, the star has faced multiple instances of social media backlash, with the latest issue coming after posting an Instagram photo posed in her Lamborghini.

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Alexa, play “Live your life” ?

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Captioned, “Alexa, play ‘Live your life,’” some critics felt her post was insensitive, considering the current state of world affairs and mass loss of jobs.


“Jaclyn Hill is completely tone deaf,” one critic wrote on Twitter. “This is not the time to show off your ridiculously expensive sports car. …if you want to show you’ve changed but your heart is still in the right place, show mindfulness.”

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“She is the definition of ‘can’t read the room,’” another chimed in. “‘Hey, let me show off a really expensive car while millions of people are unemployed and struggling to pay for food and stuff.’”

Hill appeared to respond to the comments in an Instagram story, where she hit back at those criticizing her for spending money and showing off her vehicle.


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“I will shop wherever I want, whenever I want,” she retorted. “I will spend my money however I want, and I am not better than anything or anyone. If you think that I should be, then unfollow me. …we are all the same.”

However, some fans were not pleased with her response to the drama, with one replying to her video, “…Some of us our working so god d**n hard in life, and wish to god we could have a… car to drive, let alone food on the table. So how are we all the same?”


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Hill also posted another photo to her Instagram story reacting to hate over a video she uploaded in February, where she revealed she’d used alcohol to cope with the backlash from her lipstick launch, writing, “Thank you to the people who hear me!”

Jaclyn Hill, Instagram
Jaclyn Hill responded to outrage from her February YouTube video, where she revealed to fans that she’d used alcohol as a way to “self-medicate” her debilitating anxiety over the backlash from her 2019 lipstick launch.

While critics remain outraged, it seems that Hill is, indeed, living her best life… and she isn’t letting the hate bring her down.