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Jaclyn Hill reassures fans over health after concerning Instagram posts

Published: 31/Mar/2020 22:43

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill has once again come under scrutiny from fans — this time, after uploading a series of concerning photos to her Instagram story in regards to her health.

Hill opened up about her mental and physical wellbeing during an emotional video in February, where she admitted to “self-medicating” her debilitating anxiety with alcohol after her 2019 lipstick launch was met with severe vitriol.

This wouldn’t be the last time she spoke on the issue, either, later explaining that her subsequent YouTube hiatus was due to focusing on improving her physical health.

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Although Hill had explained that she was working with an “amazing team” of doctors and therapists to “detox” her body following her stressful 2019, fans were still concerned after she uploaded a few pics of the process to her Instagram story.


The photos showed Hill sitting on the toilet, while a friend held up her IV bag, while another showed the star holding the bag above her head with a caption that read: “I have no shame in my mental & physical health journey. Five hours a day every day, baby!”

Jaclyn Hill, Instagram / Spill, YouTube
Jaclyn Hill’s Instagram stories, showing the star holding up an IV bag, prompted some concern from fans.

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Apparently, Hill’s photos caused some concern and confusion among fans, prompting her to explain the pics in a lengthy notes post later on.

“I opened up about a month ago about how I turned to alcohol to cope with anxiety and depression and developed a dependency on it,” she clarified. “I’ve recently come to terms with where I’m at and decided to seek all the professional help I can get.”


The beauty guru went on to say that she’s comfortable sharing her journey with her fanbase, claiming that she is “feeling strong right now” and is “excited for the future.”

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Jaclyn Hill, Instagram / Spill, YouTube
Jaclyn Hill explained her recent health-related Instagram posts to concerned fans.

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In fact, it seems that Hill’s YouTube hiatus may be over soon, with the star teasing an upcoming question and answer challenge with another content creator in a more recent Instagram story.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait as the internet beauty personality continues her personal journey to a healthier place.