Jaclyn Hill explains how lipstick scandal affected her love life

by Virginia Glaze
Jaclyn Hill, Instagram


YouTube star and makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill sparked outrage across the net after the launch of her lipstick line in 2019 — but the drama affected more than just her reputation among fans.

Jaclyn Hill’s 2019 lipstick launch was met with backlash after fans discovered that their products were covered in fuzz, bumps, and other abnormalities, leading to mass speculation and vitriol against the beauty guru over the matter.

Hill returned to YouTube with an update on her mental health months later, admitting that she’d turned to alcohol as a way to “self-medicate” her debilitating anxiety over the matter — but that wasn’t the only thing affected by the drama.

Jaclyn Hill, YouTube
Jaclyn Hill opened up in a February 3 video about the mental toll that her lipstick launch took on her mental health, admitting that she'd turned to alcohol as a means to "self-medicate" her debilitating anxiety of the scandal.


In a Q&A video uploaded in early April, Hill opened up on the scandal’s effects on her relationship with boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Jordan, explaining that the entire ordeal took a toll on every aspect of her life — love life, included.

“Learning how to live with social media is such a huge part of our lives,” Jordan answered when asked about the most challenging obstacle she's ever faced.

“I never experienced something like that before. Somebody’s whole life is dictated or run by social media.”

Jaclyn Hill, Instagram
YouTube star Jaclyn Hill opened up about the lipstick scandal's affects on her relationship with boyfriend Jordan in an April Q & A video.


“My answer was gonna be… what happened last summer over the lipsticks,” Hill continued. “And the challenge we faced… and just, what happened to my mental state.”

“It wasn’t even that [it] affected our relationship,” Jordan added.

“It was so hard to go through, though,” Hill interjected back. “I felt so bad for Jordan. All I did was cry, ‘cause I was like, ‘You deserve so much better than me! Why are you still around?’ ...it’s challenging for me to know the place I’m in, and for him to sit and be there by my side and love me.”

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“In my mind, I’m just like, yo, if I can’t be by her side through something as difficult as this, then I don’t deserve to be with you when you’re at your best,” Jordan admitted.

In spite of the chaos surrounding the lipstick launch, it looks like the two are stronger than ever as Hill continues her path to recovery from a debilitating 2019.