Jacksepticeye explains why he won’t return to Twitch: “I find myself boring”

jacksepticeye avoid streamingYouTube: jacksepticeye

Seán ‘Jacksepticeye’ McLoughlin might be huge on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable with all content creation. After a stint of streaming, the gaming star says he has no intention of trying it again — on Twitch or elsewhere.

It’s quite easy to assume that video game content creators would naturally gravitate towards live streaming. But in Jacksepticeye’s case, he actively avoids the medium — be it Twitch or YouTube.

When brought on the Trash Taste Podcast, Jacksepticeye mentioned “I feel like I can make something more entertaining when it’s paced around editing. But if it’s me, I’m like, I just find myself boring.” 

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JackSepticEye has been uploading videos to YouTube since early 2012.Twitter: JackSepticEye
JackSepticEye has been uploading videos to YouTube since early 2012, but he doesn’t feel at home during a livestream.

As a YouTuber with 28.5 million subscribers who primarily uploads Video Game Let’s Plays, he’s clearly not a ‘boring’ guy. Jacksepticeye has the skill set to succeed with streaming. In fact, Jacksepticeye tried streaming before with Among Us and Rust — and fans came in their thousands.

But even the most popular personalities receive criticism, despite their undeniable success. In the podcast, Jacksepticeye states that he’s a people pleaser.

If someone says ‘I hate this,’ and it’s 1 out of 1000, I’ll still see it, and it’ll ruin my whole mood.”

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The YouTuber has done stand-up comedy as well. But when comparing live streaming with an actual live audience, he stated “anything you say will make them laugh. And I feel like nothing is taken out of context, nothing is weird about it.”

Streaming places you in a position where criticism is immediately received, he explains. Twitch or YouTube chat is directly in front of the streamer’s face. Therefore, when it comes to livestreaming, Jacksepticeye feels additional anxiety while performing.

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This makes his YouTube videos, which showcases small edits to help highlight his personality, undeniably best form of content.

“Maybe there’s a background brain thing going — just the feeling of having to please people live got to me.”

Jacksepticeye Streamers Off-StreamYouTube: Jacksepticeye
Don’t expect any different mediums of content from Jacksepticeye any time soon.

When it comes to content creation, it’s really an art. Everyone has different tastes, various methods of creating. The grind becomes a daily chore, making it essential for influencers to actually enjoy what they do, and to be in a good headspace when doing so. That’s one of the reasons he decided to take a break from YouTube in the past.

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Jackespticeye is, by all means, a successful video game content creator. Though streaming does seem like an obvious choice for the creator, the bottom line is the medium isn’t for him.

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