Jackie La Bonita finally updates TikTok after ‘Astros mean girls’ bullied her in viral clip

Screenshots from Jackie La Bonita videos on TikTokTikTok: Jackie La Bonita

TikToker Jackie La Bonita has finally addressed the situation around her viral TikTok after she took over the internet after two girls bullied her in the background for taking photos. 

Over the last week or so, it’s been difficult to navigate TikTok without seeing anything about Jackie La Bonita’s situation and the ‘Astros mean girls’ following her viral video. 

The clip, if you haven’t seen it, has racked up around 50 million views, after Jackie was having photos taken of her while sitting at a Houston Astros game. In the background, two women can be seen mocking her, with the situation becoming increasingly distressing to Jackie as her video rolls on. 

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One of the women involved, Litzareli Madrigal, issued two apologies across TikTok and Instagram amid backlash – which has seen people contact her employer to try and land her in trouble. Now, Jackie has commented on things and revealed that she met up with the girls. 

Jackie La Bonita finally returns to TikTok after viral clip at Houston Astros game

The TikToker posted the update on April 29, noting that she met with the two girls under ‘mediated’ circumstances and they both issued an apology to her – which is what she was after anyway. 

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“That’s all I wanted, that’s all I was waiting for really. And I forgive them, and I really appreciate them for apologizing to me in person,” Jackie said in her follow-up video which has racked up over 7 million views itself. 

“Even though my feelings were hurt that night, there was no need for more hurt. Their families do not deserve hate. I do not condone the threats, I don’t condone the bullying, I don’t condone the harassment of them or anyone else.”

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Plenty of TikTokers praised her for forgiving the two girls, with many saying they wouldn’t have accepted the apology if they were in Jackie’s shoes. 

“You’re a queen! Kill them with kindness always,” said one. “Thank you for exposing a problem that attacks as young as children all the way to grown adults. We need to do better,” added another.

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