Jack Harlow goes viral on TikTok with spin on iconic GTA 5 song

an image of jack harlow and gta 5 logoYouTube: Jack Harlow, Rockstar Games

American rapper Jack Harlow has gone viral on TikTok thanks to his new single First Class, which homages Fergie’s 2007 single Glamorous, notably heard in Grand Theft Auto 5. 

Sampling is the bread and butter of the Hip Hop genre, but some songs just nail a vibe more than others. In the case of rapper Jack Harlow, fans of the artist are going wild on TikTok over his new single First Class, which makes use of Fergie’s single Glamorous.

Grand Theft Auto 5 players are loving the connection, with some fans of Harlow taking their passion for the single to the next level.

an image of non stop pop fm from gta 5Rockstar Games
Non Stop Pop FM is home to many of GTA 5’s most popular tracks.

Jack Harlow fans love “remixed” Grand Theft Auto 5 song

First Class was teased by Harlow on March 31 through social media, but TikTok is where the clip has seriously exploded. With over 38 million views and counting, Harlow’s reveal of sampling Fergie’s Glamorous instantly had Grand Theft Auto 5 players excited: “Non Stop Pop radio was fire.”

TikTok commenters were quick to point out the connection to the Rockstar Games’ open-world titan, with user @damonwilcoxx saying “bro remixed the GTA strip club song.”

Some fans of Harlow suggested the rapper contact Fergie to get her on his new music: “Get Fergie on the feature!”

The track itself dropped on April 8, but the teaser has taken on a life of its own as TikTok users have effectively kickstarted a trend revolving around the song’s lyrical content.

Inspired to take their love for the single one step further, TikTok user @FarmerWill_ used his body to display the spelling of Glamorous, gaining over 1 million views in the process.

Fans are hoping that the former Black Eyed Peas singer will address the song, but Fergie hasn’t tweeted since January. However, anything could happen.