iShowSpeed speechless after Man United’s Anthony Elanga says Ronaldo knows him

Jacob Hale
ishowspeed and anthony elanga on FaceTime
YouTube: Live Speedy

Streamer iShowSpeed was left absolutely speechless during a FaceTime call with Manchester United player Anthony Elanga, when the winger told him that Cristiano Ronaldo “probably” knows who he is.

iShowSpeed, more often known simply as ‘Speed’, is a streamer that has blown up in popularity, thanks in large part due to his obsession and fandom of Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

He even made his own song called ‘Ronaldo (Sewey),’ in celebration of Manchester United’s star striker, with the music video earning almost 10 million views at the time of writing.


With Speed’s growing popularity and ability to go viral with his crazy antics, he quickly caught the attention of some of the biggest names in all different industries.

This includes Ronaldo’s teammate and future star of the game, Anthony Elanga, who followed Speed on social media and had been talking to the streamer here and there.

On June 26, Elanga and Speed had a FaceTime call, with Speed clearly excited to speak to one of Ronaldo’s teammates — and speak about the man himself.

When Elanga mentioned that “everyone knows” Speed, the streamer couldn’t contain his excitement, finally asking whether Ronaldo knew who he was.

Elanga simply said that he’s sure the six-time Ballon d’Or winner knows of him — and that was enough to set Speed over the edge.

Timestamp 2:35

After a few moments of speechlessness — perhaps the quietest an iShowSpeed stream has ever been — the streamer finally got to the important questions.

“Bro, like… How does Ronaldo smell?” he asked, to which Elanga simply laughed and said “he’s a normal human being, bro!”

After a few more questions about Ronaldo (and barking at the star’s girlfriend), Elanga finally called it a night, and once the call ended Speed jumped up, screaming in celebration. It’s fair to say that he’s now one step closer to meeting his idol.