IShowSpeed loses it after trying Prime Hydration for the first time

IShowSpeed reacts to Ronaldo's EA FC 24 ratingYouTube: IShowSpeed

YouTube star IShowSpeed absolutely lost his mind after trying Prime Hydration for the very first time.

KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration has quickly taken the world by storm, with bottles flying off the shelves at an absurd rate since its release in early 2022.

While many have scattered to get their hands on the beverage, YouTuber IShowSpeed was yet to try it until his September 29 broadcast.

Speed freaks out after trying Prime Hydration

Trying it for the first time, it’s fair to say the 18-year-old lost it, and called British YouTube Chunkz for advice. “Ay Chunkz bro, I got a question, have you ever tried Prime? Like the Prime drink. Bro that sh*t f**king with me right now, I don’t know what the f**k is going on,” Speed said.

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Baffled by what the streamer was saying, Chunkz asked him to elaborate. “That sh*t f**king with me bro, that Prime sh*t f**king with me. It’s f**king with me right now,” Speed repeated. “Chunkz, help me the f**k out. Chunkz I’m not f**king playing. That Prime sh*t f**king with me.”

He added: “Like I’m feeling weird like I’m doing things I don’t normally do on a daily basis. That’s what’s going on.”

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Asking Speed which flavor he tried, the streamer revealed he tried the Blue Raspberry bottle, where Chunkz told him he needed to seek medical help immediately. “The blue one is the dangerous one bro. You have to go to the hospital immediately,” he said.

While freaking out, Speed hung up the phone, and immediately proceeded to dial ‘911’ as instructed by Chunkz, where he requested an ambulance. Although it was clear he didn’t actual call the actual emergency services.

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