iShowSpeed furious as tattooist pranks him with terrible Cristiano Ronaldo tattoo

ishowspeed cristiano ronaldo tattooYouTube: iShowSpeed

iShowSpeed was left fuming after having his brand new Cristiano Ronaldo tattoo revealed to him, asking who it was — before the tattooist revealed that it was just a prank and that he wasn’t finished yet.

iShowSpeed has become one of the most popular streamers in the world, taking his huge legion of fans to YouTube after being banned from Twitch in 2021.

He’s thriving on YouTube, however, and is often talked about as one of the biggest streamers on the internet nowadays, thanks largely to his infatuation with former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, whom he has based a lot of his content around and even written a song about.

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He loves Ronaldo so much, though, that he decided to get a tattoo of the football legend and livestream it for his viewers to see — but he didn’t expect to get pranked by his tattooist of all people.

After a few moments of looking between the sample picture of Ronaldo provided and the tattoo on his arm, Speed screamed “who is this,” clearly stunned by what he believed to be an awful tattoo now permanently embedded on his skin.

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Finally, after looking like he was ready to cry, the tattoo artist said “Hey bro, I’m just f**king with you, it’s not done. We doing pranks, right?”

Speed was clearly elated to find out it wasn’t done yet, saying that they “scared the f**k” out of him, and the stream actually ended with the YouTube star delighted with the final product.

Hitting a big trademark “SUI” and kissing his new tattoo, Speed could barely contain his excitement at the ink, with a message straight to Ronaldo saying “You’re now a part of me for life.”

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