iShowSpeed floored after receiving box of gifts from Cristiano Ronaldo

ishowspeed freaks out after getting gift from cristiano ronaldoYouTube: Live Speedy

YouTube star iShowSpeed was left totally floored after receiving a huge box of gifts from football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear brand, which he opened up in an exciting livestream.

It’s no secret that iShowSpeed is a huge fan of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The streamer has made no bones about his love for the athlete, even getting an image of the pro’s face inked on his arm (although the tattoo didn’t come out as perfectly as he’d imagined).

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Most recently, Speed traveled all the way to Saudi Arabia to watch Ronaldo play a friendly game against PSG and even saw his hero score a goal — prompting one of his biggest on-stream celebrations to date.

IShowSpeed apologizes to fans after crypto scam accusationsYouTube: IShowSpeed
iShowSpeed is one of YouTube’s top streamers.

After inviting a fake Ronaldo on stream last year and doing his best to get his idol’s attention, it seems as though Speed’s efforts may have finally paid off, as he got recognized by the athlete’s very own underwear company, CR7.

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iShowSpeed gets huge box of gifts from Christiano Ronaldo’s brand, CR7

Speed opened up one of his January live streams with a huge smile on his face, holding a massive box on his lap as he announced to his fans that he’d received a gift from the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo.

He made short work of opening the box, which contained a multitude of products from CR7, including shirts, underwear, sweats, and more.

Of course, the streamer had to try on the clothes he’d received on stream for a little fashion show, acting just like a kid on Christmas.

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“I feel like Ronaldo, y’all!” Speed joked. “I am wearing the same underwear that Ronaldo wears! This is the underwear that Ronaldo puts on every day!”

Speed couldn’t contain his excitement and screamed throughout the entire unboxing — but his fans were equally impressed, although not totally convinced that he’d actually gotten Ronaldo’s recognition.

For now, Speed inches closer and closer to an actual meeting with his idol… but until then, the streamer will continue to dominate viewership after ranking as the #1 most-watched broadcaster on YouTube in 2022.

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