IShowSpeed claps back at KSI amid fight speculation: "I would win" - Dexerto

IShowSpeed claps back at KSI amid fight speculation: “I would win”

Published: 15/Apr/2022 6:00 Updated: 15/Apr/2022 4:31

by Dave Deiley


Overnight sensation and full-time drama fiend Darren ‘iShowSpeed’ Watkins Jr. has drummed up a new wave of interest. This time, claiming he’d beat JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji in a fight.

With the livestream world being dominated by huge, outlandish actions, IShowSpeed has cracked the formula for creating buzz of late.

This time, a video on KSI’s YouTube channel has spawned another wave of attention. In the clip, 28-year-old JJ claims he would “decimate” the 17-year-old Watkins Jr, before brushing it off and asking “he’s what, 17? Why would I box a kid?” This has drawn IShowSpeed’s Ire.

Responding to the claims, IShowSpeed took to his own livestream to declare “If me and KSI fought, I would win.” Potentially as part of an early promotional cycle for IShowSpeed’s undeclared fight as part the next Happy Punch Promotions bout of ‘Influencer Combat Sports’.



Continuing his rant on stream, Darren called out KSI for having a “dad body” before asking chat to compare physiques. “Look at my muscles, look at his muscles.”

This is comparing images of the 97kg/213llb KSI to the 65kg/143llb IShowSpeed.  Doubling down on his statements Watkins Jr. goes on “It’s just common sense.”

Regardless of whether the provocation from the incendiary minor was genuine, a fight between the two would be illegal until Jan 2023 at a minimum. With an 11-year age gap preventing anything even approaching a bout without landing KSI in legal hot water.

In addition to the extensive age difference, a 30kg weight difference prevents the two from fighting in any organized weight class.


Currently IShowSpeed sits as a bantamweight, with KSI as a light heavyweight. The two would respectively need to gain and drop, some serious muscle to find themselves in an acceptable midground.

With the clear discrepancy between the two, and the joviality that exists between them, fans have taken the call out with a pinch of salt, claiming “it’s satire” and “clearly he’s joking”.

Not all people are fans of the resurgence of IShowSpeed in general, with the streamer’s recent sexist rant clearly firm in the internet’s memory. There were also calls to ignore Darren’s claims, with many asking “how are you still giving this guy attention?”