Is Twitch down? Streamers, viewers report outage on March 30

by Andrew Amos


Streamers and viewers alike are reporting Amazon-owned platform Twitch is currently experiencing an outage on March 30, with all streams and clips being taken offline.

Twitch went down at approximately 11:45am PST on March 30. While users can still access the front page and individual profiles, all streamers have been taken offline.

Twitch has made note of the issue on their platform, and are working on a fix. “We are investigating an issue that is causing the site not to load properly,” the streaming service said in a Twitter statement shortly after the problems began.


It could only be affecting users who try to open up streams right now. Users have noted that if they didn’t close their stream, they could still watch it. Live viewer numbers are also still being updated for those streams.

Streamers who attempted to start up their broadcast after the outage started also mentioned services like OBS and Streamlabs couldn’t connect to Twitch servers.


What is Twitch?

Twitch is the biggest gaming-centric streaming platform in the world, with almost four million streamers going live on the platform every month. On average, almost 1.5 million viewers will be watching Twitch broadcasts at any one time.

Amazon bought out Twitch for $970 million back in 2014, thrusting the website into the mainstream.

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