Is the Sway House back together? Surprise reunion has fans confused

Sway House reunion 2YouTube: Sway LA

Not even a week after putting the Sway House behind him, TikToker Bryce Hall was seen hanging with his former housemates in a surprising reunion that is leaving fans scratching their heads.

Like many other TikTok houses, the Sway House has been flying under viewers’ radars for some time. Once one of the biggest TikTok groups out there, Sway House (along with rival group Hype House) seemed to fall out of relevancy as its members became focused on their individual careers.

While the group continued to post on Instagram for some time, they haven’t uploaded a video to YouTube since last year. The Sway boys seemed to remain friends, though, and even lived in the same home for some time… that is, until Bryce washed his hands of his buddies.

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Just last week, Hall claimed that he “has no friends” after moving out of the Sway House, and even threw some shade toward basically everyone in the group — particularly Noah Beck, after the TikToker claimed Bryce wasn’t exactly “brand safe” for his image.

Bryce Hall shades his former friend group

Claiming that Griffin Johnson was the “only Sway boy I still talk to,” it seemed like something had gone down behind the scenes to result in Bryce’s exodus from his friend group, even prompting him to “move in” to the Hype House as a means of rubbing salt in the wound.

However, the latest development between the Sway Boys is making fans extremely confused. Just when it seemed like the group was over for good, the TikTokers got back together for a surprising reunion.

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The Sway Boys get back together

Bryce Hall uploaded several TikToks that showed himself hanging out with Ani Energy partner Josh Richards, influencer Griffin Johnson, and even Blake Gray.

These clips, coupled with a video that showed off their gym and the Sway LA logo, have fans wondering if a “new and improved” version of the Sway House is on its way.

For now, there’s been no official statement from any Sway House members that this is the case. One thing is certain though; we’re still no closer to the answer than we were before.