Is Sommer Ray dating Cole Bennett? Instagram kiss sparks relationship rumors

Sommer Ray and Cole Bennett relationship rumorsInstagram: sommerray, _colebennett_

It looks like Sommer Ray’s love life has taken another wild turn, as a post on Instagram points to her now dating super popular rap video producer Cole Bennett.

Sommer has had a pretty well-documented and high-profile relationship history, including Machine Gun Kelly leaving her and finding love with Hollywood actress Megan Fox, as well as an on/off relationship with TikTok star Tayler Holder.

Both of those relationships ended on a sour note, with Sommer believing that both men cheated on her.

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There may be happiness on the horizon for Sommer yet, though, as it looks like she and Cole — who is the mastermind behind the popular Lyrical Lemonade brand — are seriously enjoying each other’s company.

sommer ray instagramInstagram: sommerray2
Sommer hasn’t had the best luck with men in the past.

While no hints had really popped up before, a new Instagram story posted to Cole Bennett’s page definitely raised some eyebrows and got people talking.

The story itself depicted photos of Cole and Sommer from a photo booth, looking extremely cozy together and, in the last one, locking lips.

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The Instagram story has now been removed as it passed the 24-hour mark, but not before fans of both got their screenshots and speculated over whether they’re really seeing each other.

Sommer Ray on Cole Bennett's IG storyInstagram: _colebennett_
Cole posted a picture of him and Sommer kissing to his Instagram story.

The Instagram post was reciprocated, too, making it look like these two might be ready to make things official.

Sommer also posted to her story with Cole, appearing to show the two at a theme park of some sort.

Cole Bennet on Sommer Ray's Instagram storyInstagram: sommerray
Cole Bennett appeared on Sommer Ray’s Instagram story, too.

Of course, this has set social media awash with discussion, with many fans referring to Bennett as “the goat” and clearly being happy for both parties.

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While it’s not exactly official yet, this definitely looks like the start of a relationship between two internet powerhouses, so don’t be surprised to see Sommer appear in some his music videos going forward.

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